ECO Spanish Colonial Garage Doors

Simple Lines, Charm, Rugged Reliability:
Perfectly At Home In The Old World With The Modern Convenience Of The New

With its picturesque invitation to escape from the fast-paced world in which we live to the simpler times of rural life in the Old World, Ziegler Eco Series Spanish Colonial Style Doors perfectly complement the inviting warmth of your home's style. Part of the rustic charm is created through an emphasis on textures such as hand-hewn beams or natural stone.

The deep, embossed wood grain of Eco Series Spanish Colonial Style Doors creates the rough, handmade appearance that at once communicates both a homey appeal and solid reliability. At Ziegler Doors, that reliability is part of our service. We know our customers desire both aesthetics and functionality.

Most of our Eco Series Spanish Colonial Style Doors rely on the simple lines so closely associated with this style. Crossbucks, initially used as a stabilizing factor and now almost a signature of the style, are available in both horizontal and diaonal configurations.

Our hardware is available to complete the distinctive appearance of your door.

"Embellished with authentic hand-crafted iron work."


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Our doors are unique one of a kind custom wood garage doors, designed to create the charm of yesteryear. Each door is authentically detailed & hand crafted to replicate "old world" architecture. The result is the best quality & style custom wood garage doors available.

The Ziegler family has been building wood garage doors in Orange County since 1969. As the value of land surged so have the expectations in quality & style related to our homes...

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