Staining & Painting

Ziegler Doors come standard raw without finish. However, we also factory finish and can create any color or finish imaginable. You can choose one of our colors or create your own. A unique blending method combining UV protected tints and polyurethene not only allows us to custom color match but also gives us a unique vapor barrier capable of protecting colors against fading even when exposed to harmful UV rays. Ziegler warranties finishes of its exterior wood products for 2 years.

Door finish should be inspected periodically for breakdown in top coat. Depending on exposure to the elements the finish will need to be maintained every 2-5 years. When top coat begins to show signs of deteriating the finish will need to be lightly sanded with 220 paper and then re-finished with a Satin Polyurethane.



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Ziegler Doors Inc.

Our doors are unique one of a kind custom wood garage doors, designed to create the charm of yesteryear. Each door is authentically detailed & hand crafted to replicate "old world" architecture. The result is the best quality & style custom wood garage doors available.

The Ziegler family has been building wood garage doors in Orange County since 1969. As the value of land surged so have the expectations in quality & style related to our homes...

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